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I haven’t posted in a while -although I have been busy online and off line too. I guess the urge to blog comes and goes. Also, I find that I split my life into segments which don’t always overlap — such as my activities as a gay male don’t always seem to fit with some of my other interests (at least, I am not at the point where I can easily mix together blog entries about new pleasures in buttfucking and my latest recipes and travel tips. 

So when somebody ONLY reads this blog, they will certainly get skewed version of what I am as a person versus what I do as an active gay man (the mostly secret sexual side of my nature and activities). 

I do spend a lot of time online and — while some of it is blogging – a lot of it is absorbing other people’s work (and responses/writings/posting). Still a good bit more is consuming erotic images and video. Over the last few weeks, I have discovered (or I should say re-discovered and taken time to explore) various new sites – -many of which are directly connected to homoeroticism. 

Travel Ssssssssssex

Over the weeks from March 2 – April 5, I had a lot of fun travelling so I’d like to fill you in by detailing my adventures – some of them sexual (of course).

I spent a week on the Big Island in late February and got to swim with dolphins, see whales and sea turtles, did some diving and camping.

My next longer journey involved trips from Honolulu, Southern California, New York City, Tampa (Florida), Barcelona and Gran Canaria.

So instead of trying to write it all here, I will just link to entries from some of my other blogs: (Note: Not all of them are finished yet — so I’ll be updating them over the next few days (hopefully).


New level of pleasure achieved

  • Sex on the beach – I got to cruise on several gay beaches and seaside cruising spots. Diamond Head beach was hot the very afternoon I arrived back there from a short trip. I met a horny bi guy who liked to show me his str8 porn mag — I presume to help him get himself (and me too –

    because he was talking dirty about fucking pussy). He then proceeded to wrap his lips around my engorged cock — we were nestled away high above the beach but still there were other guys cruising who were trying to get a look at what we were doing.

    Later on another guy climbed up to meet me among the trees, he wanted to press his cock into the crack of my ass, but didn’t want to insert. It was hot getting butt-rubbed – and just made me want the real thing that much more.

Fucked at gay sauna 

One couple of the best anal fucks I have had in a long time was at Club 2200 on University Blvd in San Diego on March 7th.

It was a weekday night but the place was pretty hot. I finally met up with a cute Afro-American guy who felt me up from behind while I was leaning over the back of a couch in the lounge area. He asked if I wanted to play so we went behind the seating in the video backroom, where he covered his 10 inch long, beautiful cock with a rubber and then fucked me crazy. It turned out that he was trying to give me an anal orgasm. He would pull back until the tip of his long hard meat was about to disengage from my anal lips and then we would ram it back in deep. He kept up a rapid plunging rhythm so that I finally screamed in delirium and came without touching my cock. 

Funny, but just a few hours later, after a restful snooze, I got up and found a hot guy in the same room who wanted his ass plowed long and hard. So I was very happy to oblige. We fucked there in the video room for a long while, then he invited me back to his cubicle where we engaged in slow sweet butt-wracking sex with my ever-hard cock for hours.

I have not been so pleasured — both ways during such a short period of time in a long while. It was hot!

Anal orgasm in Maspalomas dunes – Apart from my scuba diving on two of the days at Playa del Ingles (actually we dive at El Cabron Bay nature preserve), I spent several days on the dunes at Maspalomas — nude sunbathing and cruising for sex. 

One the most interesting times was after I had been kind of mentally ‘edging’ for 4-5 hours — seeing guys nude and a lot of sucking/fucking going on the nooks and crannies around the dunes and in the shady brush lined areas. There was a guy who was interested in my ass while I seated on the huge leaning branch of a tree. My butt was spread out over the back edge and he came up and started to massage my sphincter.

Other guys came up around him and watched. He was not going to insert his dick, but instead, he put his fingers into my butthole and expertly applied a massage to my prostate gland.

It was kinky sitting there with my cock bloated — fully erect and having my asshole rammed with a hot digit. He knew exactly what to do to get me to explode and the lust in the others mens’ eyes just made me want to put on a great show. I came without touching my dick — something that had not happened for several weeks (when I was in San Diego).

I realized that I have reached a new level of sexual stimulation — the anal orgasm.

About Kelly Lewis

Living in three places (between Calif / Hawaii / Tokyo), I am serious but highly curious about the world and about people. I generally make others very comfortable being with me and with themselves, but I constantly challenge myself in many areas of life. I am a constant traveller and particularly love gay-oriented travel destinations - not only just because I am a naturist/nudist, but I love being close to nature, while enjoying most cultural and artistic pursuits. I am a scuba diver and an amateur digital photographer.
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