Semi-flashing: showing dick to a guy who I pass every morning

I know .. I know.. it’s not much — [I’m not referring to my dick] but my small accomplishment. I am probably not a full-fledged flasher / exhibitionist  — at least not yet. So those men who have jerked off for and  flashed strangers on the street have my admiration, but I cannot yet imitate. Although I have been experimenting with showing some cock using see-thru clothes and open zippers, I’ve never been able to expose a full limp or erect cock.
I don’t really count ‘innocent exposure” in the locker room, or a the beach (nude or not) to be hard-core

exhibitionist. I mean – -if nudity is expected and even accepted, it could not really be true exhibitionism.
However, yesterday was a bit different for me and a first for me.

After months of walking the dog in the early morning with a partly open zipper (or in warmer weather in see-thru shorts/pants), I have had my eyes — targeting my flash.. so to speak..- for a guy who rides his bicycle on his way to work every morning on my dog-walk route through the cemetery nearby.
Over a couple of times in the past months, I’ve ‘surprised’ him over a couple of times with me showing in some mesh shorts, then almost see-thru athletic pants, but yesterday, I had my zipper down enough to evidently attract his gaze.
I’ve seen him take a glance quite a few times, but he’s very good at appearing to (or actually) ignoring me.
Yesterday, it seemed to me that I caught his gaze looking directly at my crotch.. I knew my efforts had finally succeeded. 

I had seen him coming and happily this time.. he was completely alone and just crossing busy street right in the center of the cemetery — so he was distracted enough to not be ready when I approached with the dog.
I like taking my dog along — not only because the dog needs and enjoys it, but it gives the ‘voyeur’ victim something to pretend to look at. They can short of glance ahead and down — -pretending to look a the dog — but all the while inspecting my crotch. So that is what I think happened yesterday morning. 

I could see him at least 150 ft before he reached me–so I had time to adjust my crotch for optimal (NOT maximum) exposure. I don’t want him to take a new route or to call the police or get totally screwed up..
It would only appear to him that I had forgotten to properly shut zip my pants up — it was NOT a blatant floppy or erect cock staring him in the face. Instead it was an rather innocent and seemingly accidental exposure of part of my flaccid penis.
But — maybe we’ll get there if he keeps showing some interest (or at least a distant fascination). 

The guy intrigues me because he wears exactly the same clothes every single day I have every seen him. It

means that this is his ‘uniform’ or that he probably just wears them for such a short trip — to bicycle to his work — where he changes to his real work clothes — a uniform. I imagine that he works at the local small airport, but I’m not quite the stalker that will follow him — although I guess my targeting him so many times until I finally found a time to get more real exposure — is something close to stalking. I am trying to entice him to look at my cock,  but not shock or disgust him.

Has anybody been involved with semi-flashing like this? Maybe this is just one stage along toward something more daring and more exhibitionistic?

The photo shows what the pants should have looked like to my semi-flash target.

I was beginning to think I was the only person at this level of flashing — not quite a newbie but not

completely hanging out with a full hard-on for complete strangers. I guess for me — it’s the other guy’s squelched feelings of attraction that really intrigue me. It turns me on to think that I am turning him on to his inner wishes – but again I could be totally wrong about my targeted guy. In your case, brettmarried (another user here), you seem to know positively that he is not only noticed but seemed to have a very strong interest in what he was seeing. For my guy, I can’t really be sure.. he’s rarely even turned his head back (actually there have only been a few times I’ve 

managed to “tease” him.  

Maybe the challenge of it is kind of fun too.
I have also tried semi-see-through or mesh pants and shorts and have had a quick glance up and down reaction from him. But the incidents are spaced out weeks or even months apart.

Many times the private roadway through the park-like cemetery that he uses (and where I walk my dog) has other people riding and/or walking by. Also this IS a neighborhood where people would and could find me if I were to flash strangers.

I can’t try the “oops, I forgot to zip up” tactic too often or he’ll get wise.
I’ve thought next of taking a piss just off the main lane partly behind some trees and to carefully time it so that he has the chance to come up on his bike and sort of catch me with my cock out and pissing — with a full view of my cock. Doing it that way still boarders on ‘accidental’ flashing.  

Hey, are there any more guys here who are semi-flashing like this? I realize some of you guys are much braver and far beyond this sort of level of flashing. But there may be more like me and brett.. any similar experiences?


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