Summer camp memories: teens experiment with sex with older men


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Post subject: Summer camp memories

I was a counselor at sumer camp when Iwas 16 and 17. I used to walk around naked in front of the seven guys (10-13) in my cabin all the time in the morning and night. On hot nights I’d even lay on the bed stark naked and read. I could feel all the eyes on me and loved it.

I also loved showering with the guys. Some were shy and wore shorts, but many had no problems stripping naked and climbing in the open area showers. I also know for a fact that some of the guys were “playing” together, too, because i walked in on some a couple of times. I never tried to get involved because I didn’t want to get fired. I just enjoyed flashing.

Any other similar experiences out there?


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When I was in the 5th grade, my buddy and classmate asked me to join the Boy Scouts.

I remember how it began. My buddy told me he had to go back to the tent to change his clothes. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. At the time I didn’t think this was strange. Now, I know better.

 My buddy was undressing really carefully (Slowly!), I thought. He undressed down to his underwear. He took his time finding his clothes, they were just in his backpack. And he was slow putting them on. 

I didn’t really notice him watching me undress, but he was always there with me.

It became our regular thing to do, putting on a show while undressing. My buddy began stripping naked and taking his time rolling up his dirty clothes. He’d put away his dirty clothes before he’d get dressed. Always giving me a nice profile and bending over a lot.

I bet he was disappointed we never did anything more. I know I am disappointed now. But I think I was still too young and scared at the time. But we were so close, I did anything he’d ask me to do.

I think this time of my life and my buddy, gave me an obsession with stripping and underwear.


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Yeah. Camp and Little League Baseball is where I began to explore the whole curiosity of other dicks thing. I have lots of camp memories I can share, both as counselor and camper.

My first sleep-away camp was a Christian religious camp. I was 12 or 13 at the time, and my parents thought it would be good to further my Christian education. We were all assigned to sleep in rooms with about 5 other boys around our age and 1 older counselor (ours was 17 years old). The barracks was single-sex and had a common bathroom in each wing. My counselor was a guy who had an incredible sex drive. He was always laying around in his boxers with his hand down his pants.

Why is it that religious camps attract the biggest perverts?

In any case, he didn’t seem to pay the 6 of us campers any mind. When he had his boxers on and laying on the bed, you could almost always see his dick or balls flopping out. He was always talking to the other counselors about one girl’s tits or another’s pussy. And he would sleep nude every night, because “he was an adult, and that’s how grown men slept.” He seemed to have no problem being nude around us. He mostly just ignored us, in fact. Except right before bed, when the only interaction with us was the required prayer. We would all be in our tightly-whitey briefs and he would gather us up in a circle for a prayer, with him being nude. We would all bow our heads and pray for protection from “sins and temptation of the devil.” I remember all of us boys more fascinated with his grown-up dick than anything else he was saying. My own prayers focused on God giving me a dick as big as this guy’s.

And then after lights out, I would watch him ignore those prayers against sin. He would have the craziest jerk-off sessions I can ever remember seeing, even to this day. He would wait like 5 minutes and then start jerking-off on top of his covers as if he was completely alone in the room.

After cumming, he would get out of bed, and come over to one of the campers beds and wipe the

cum off his dick and chest on the spare bits of the bedsheets that hung over the edge of the campers bed. Presumably, he didn’t want to sleep with his cum all over his sheets and was too lazy to walk down the hall to the bathroom to clean himself up. The guy was just a horned-up jerk, in reality. But, I watched him every night, completely taken in with his routine. And those nights he wiped his cum on the corner of my covers, I remember being really annoyed, but also interested in the distinctly funky smell it left.
In any case, every morning, he would wake up with a raging teenage hard-on. He made no attempt to cover it up either. He’d make sure all of us were up for morning prayer and breakfast (part of his job as counselor) and then parade on down to the showers, hard dick leading the way.

It was definitely a learning experience all-in, and taught me the joys of guys hanging out and not caring about the hang-ups of nudity.

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WallStFlash wrote: “Why is it that religious camps attract the biggest perverts?”

I think it’s ALL camps in general. You stuff a bunch of horny as hell teenage guys who had just gone through puberty and possessed with an overactive sex drive and things are going to happen.

I know several guys who say they ended up sucking or being sucked, etc., by other campers and the older counselors because they were just freaking horny! They weren’t attracted to guys and still aren’t.

One guy told me at his camp a counselor (17) used to line guys (12-13) up after lights out, including him, make them drop their pants and he would suck all of them to orgasm. He said not all of the guys would let him do it, but they would watch. Some even jacked off while watching.

My friend said he loved it then but would never let a guy touch him now. I know that’s true, because I am bi and have tried a couple of times to talk him into letting me suck him when he was drunk. No go.

I have played with his dick and even sucked on it after he passed out a time or two though.

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