Doctor/Patient Exams: A Special CMNM Fetish


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A naive young newbie on his first job is tricked by his buddies into thinking he is scheduled for an annual physical.

His pals send the rookie to an empty examination room after the Employees’ Health staff has left for the afternoon.

A “doctor” arrives, tells the greenhorn to strip, and begins a routine physical.

The “doctor” tells the newbie to sit on the examination table doggie style while he administers a thorough and extensive anal probe. The newbie can’t see what’s going on behind him, and has no idea of the varied objects the “doctor” is inserting up his butt hole.

Meanwhile, a security camera is recording the exam, and the rookie’s pals are cracking up watching the show on closed circuit TV. After the rectal work-up, the “doctor” milks the newbie’s dick to get a smear of pre-cum for a slide (or 2 or 3). The “doctor” tells the greenhorn the pre-cum looks suspicious, and says he’ll need a semen sample


As he pumps the newbie’s dick, the “doctor” asks the rookie extensive (and embarrassing) questions about his sex life: When did he first masturbate? How often does he masturbate nowadays? Has he ever masturbated with other guys? Ever have oral sex with guys? Ever have anal sex? Ever have sex with a woman? With a hooker? How did he lose his virginity?

The “doctor” keeps pumping away at the newbie’s dick. But no matter how many times the greenhorn shoots, the “doctor” says the semen sample isn’t adequate for lab tests. Finally, when the rookie is completely drained and

exhausted, and has answered all the doctor’s questions about his sex life, the “doctor” says he can get dressed and leave.

By this time, the guys watching the show on closed circuit TV have all jacked off, and got themselves a brand new video to play at stag parties.


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