Expanding the Definition of What CMNM Is

      CMNM = Clothed Male Naked Male. What is it? Basically the idea is that — for some guys (I would argue that it is mainly true for most guys — not just gay men), it is intimately arousing and often sexually hot to be the only naked guy in the room when everyone else is wearing clothes. That’s the basic condition for CMNM — which I can’t really disagree with, of course)— but for me — CMNM has a lot more to it than just that.

      First of all, it matters (or doesn’t matter — if you are versatile) whether you are the one naked or the one clothed. I like to be boths — at times. But like most sexual pleasures, preferences, and personally erotic behaviors or scences, there are hundreds of variations on what turns people on and as many ‘flavors’ – vanilla to extremely spicy — as there are shades of human personality. It also matters – importantly – whether the CMNM situation is completely natural or voluntary or whether it’s a contrived or mutually agreed to social convention – for example, one guy being made to strip (apparently ‘against’ his wishes ) – rather like a police arrest with full body check.. or more subtly as in the case of a doctor’s physical examination. So the aspect of level of control vs freedom plays a role it CMNM for some men.


       Some only find it kinky or stimulating if one of them is ‘bound’ – either physically or often just psychologically… so the idea of service or subservient – even S & M — may be a part of it for some people who seek these scenes. But it does NOT have to include that – at all. Obviously, important too is the level of ‘realness’ or authenticity to the CMNM event or experience. So.. are they two guys just role-playing in and out of clothes — as a kind of private (or public) game or is it a real daily life experience involved CMNM that suddenly turns on one or both of the participants.. like say.. when a young cute doctor gets a hard-on examining a hunky military dude or when a police officer rookie gets his jollies when stripping down and ‘manhandling’ a suspect – touch his genitals or rubbing his ass and legs… So the aspect of ‘uniform’ and everything that clothing or lack of it (nakedness) symbolized can also come into play in CMNM interactions. Another very important aspect is the level of intimacy – sexual, psychological or emotional.. for some people these are completely separated or one or two may even be completely divorced from the CMNM interaction.

       For others, the CMNM expereince may be the only time that these three critical aspects of human intimacy CAN be fused together. So some CMNM may happen between completely or virtually anonymous people — and for others, they can ONLY engage in CMNM behavior and actions exactly because they KNOW the other person very well or even romantically. The final aspect is whether this is social ordained and accepted as part of larger group or even community situation… just as college fraternity hazing or the locker room antics that goes on among male sports teams… or in work situations when the ‘younger’ and newer males on the job have to undergo some type of ‘induction’ rituals for new recruits …

      It may be partly (or mostly) fantasy in many cases.. but there is also a strong element or possibility that such kinds of CMNM interactions do happen for real and may either secretly or outright knowingly represent some kind of sexual or homosexual gratification for some men – regardless or not – whether they recognize them as overtly homoerotic, or gay or perhas as nothing more than ‘just us boys’ goofing around. I think that many guys who visit (lurk) or participate in the forum on JustusBoys or DickFlash.com or Dudenudes are actually CMNM participants — I seem that the need for sexual intimacy is NOT the only reason that males – especially so-called gay, bi, and curious men – like to congregate on such sites. I think we all have a basic need for naked intimacy and yet – we are also ‘trapped’ by the social mores and prohibitions of our modern ‘human’ socities which requires us to behave in rather repressed ways and to be completely clothed when doing that.

       I would like to expand the definition of CMNM that I have given above: In CMMN, everyone else does NOT have to completely dressed (there can be a mixture or dressed and nude people in the same situation. It can be a private one-to-one relationship or in a social group or even the public community (such as New Orlean’s Mardi Gras or SF street fairs, Burning Man,etc). There can be more than one nude guy – it’s just that there must be at least one clothed guy too. Often, guys can get CMNM thrills by being the dressed one or the naked one alternatively. I know that it works this way for me. I’m not passing any critical judgement: some people are turned on by multiple form of sexual stimulation – some of us are bisexual (past / present and future) and some of us get off flashing or simply just being exposed (or getting to see those who do).

      A true (extreme) dickflasher seems to get off by showing an erect cock in places/situations where people don’t expect it and are shocked to have the ‘space’ invaded by a hard dick.. at the extreme, it may be the only way he can get off (ejaculate). It seems that there are actually very few guys who fall into that category. The CMNM (being exposed where clothed guys can view (and/or be visual stimuated) seems to find his (me being one of them) thrill in being naked in front of guys (dressed or in a state of dressing/undressing) where it’s is more or less socially acceptable or at least tolerated (even glorified) – like a public street fair or a no-pants or strip night at a male-oriented bar, etc, or more ‘innocently’ in a locker room or frat party. But I know that in my case, I get a lot more social/psychological fulfillment / satisifaction (?) and some erotic/sexual pleasure from being in a CMNM situation – especially where I can establish a personal relationship with the clothed (or naked) guys.

       Recently, I find this often happens in a hostel or similar situation (campground, at the beach or gym showers, or clothing optional resort, etc, where you meet and befriend strangers who later get to see you naked or even aroused – almost by ‘accident’ not totally by design). I collect a lot of CMNM photos and have them for ‘friends only’ on: http://www.flickr.com/people/sunbuns/ You have to join Flickr (free) and add me as friend to view the pics. Please STATE on your profile that you are 18 years old or OVER 18. This makes things legal and I’ll get less flack from Flickr for pandering to minors. There are also thousands of Flickr groups (little discussion but lots of photos) devoted to different aspects of this same idea: Frat parties, doctor’s physical exams, being naked in public (not just flashing from a alley or window), sports locker rooms, etc.

       My own Net photos collections are categorized in sets as such. There are also scores of Net porn sites devoted to some particular ‘flavor’ or scene that is strongly related to CMNM. There are also a few private and public groups on Yahoo and Tribe.net devoted to CMNM. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunbuns/375290868/in/set-72157594501819505/ * You must be a Flickr member and my Flickr friend to view the private pics on my Flickr photostream.

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