First Time Experiences with CMNM: How did it start?

One of the new members on the (private group) started a discussion recently.

           I’d like to hear about others guys’ experiences with “innocent” CMNM, especially first times. Here’s one of mine to get the discussion started:

        My first time real CMNM was maybe 6 or 7 years ago. First, let me say that I am str8-married but have always been at least bi-curious and then bi-discreet. So while this was not my first time messing with a guy, it was a first CMNM experience. I was on a business trip and looking around for a jo partner on line. Most every response wanted way more than I was looking for. One str8 guy got me chatting and told me about a scenario he’d like to play out, which we did.

My friend came over to my room. He brought a six pack. it had been unusually hot and sticky and I had not showered yet after my business day. We enjoyed a quick cold beer together, and opened the second within a few minutes an hung out sitting on the only couch in the room. Half way through the 2nd beer, I said I had not showered yet and wanted to jump into the shower real quick sync I felt grimmy. He said sure. While I did not undress in front of him, he did sneak into the bathroom while was showering and took a peak or two while I was in the shower. I came out only in the rather small hotel towel. I just needed to cool down a bit more.

          At this point I sat in the chair opposite the couch and continued slowly sipping my beer. after a shower and almost 2 beers, I was feeling horny and sneaked a feel now and then. He pretended not to notice at first, but then gave me an encouraging nod.

 I let the towel drape open and let him see my growing member. I was feeling both embarrassed and comfortable at the same time. All the while, he had his shorts and t-shirt on. Then he said, nah, it’s cool, so I just took the towel off and started to openly stroke, slowly. He wanted a closer look, so I sat on the coffee table in front of him, and then next to him on the couch. He played with himself through his pants, but I did not see his dick that first time although I really wanted to. i think being denied seeing him naked and hard was a turn on but also a bit embarrassing that he was just watching me masturbate. Of course, I got to a point where I tried to stop since I could not see his, but he egged me on and convinced me to shoot for him to watch. It was very cool to have to let my guard down and just be totally natural and do this private act in front of another guy.

posted by: David

  • Kelly

          It happened to me another way. I guess there were other so-called CMNM experiences before that, but this one was so memorable and definitely fit the category. I had gone out to a public park along the shoreline of the bay. It’s a semi-deserted spot but there were people around but just not in the immediate vicinity. I stripped naked and discreetly sunbathed. I had taken a couple of beers along to enjoy and so was feeling horny. A cyclist appeared and sort of appeared interested in getting a look, but he left after a bit. That just made me hornier.

    Then a 20-something guy noticed me from a distance and slowly made his way over toward me. I could tell he was intrigued and wanted to confirm that I was actually nude. Eventually, it became obvious to him that I was naked and aroused. It made it deliciously erotic for me to expose myself to him in public, but he kept just getting closer.

          Without saying a word, but only gesturing, he urged me to grab my cock and starting jacking. He remained standing and fully clothed in his athlete training pants and a jacket, but he kept keeping closer until finally he was at my feet. He used his own feet to press my legs further apart and he stared down at me, jerking with gusto for his pleasure. I tried sitting up to grasp his obviously erect cock through the soft materials of his pants, but he wouldn’t let me do so, practically commanding me with nothing more than grunts to lie back down and to get back to work jerking my own cock. Finally, it was just too much and I came in great spurts all over my chest and belly as I lay on the ground. He smiled and said thanks, leaving me there panting but satisfied. I quickly looked around to see if anybody else had been watching since I had been lost in lust for a few minutes.

           The whole experience only last 15 minutes or so.. but it was so totally hot and unexpected that it was the source for many a long reflection on what had happened and why it has seemed so sublime a sexual encounter. It was the event that caused me to focus on the clothed / unclothed aspects of homosexual attraction and probably what made me identify with CMNM. Obviously, there were a few more elements involved: I was naked in public, and the guy was more than 20 years younger than me.

    posted by: sunbuns (Kelly Lewis)

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