Hawaii Nudist and Gay Beaches — Update Sept.2017

Hawaii Nudism and possible cruising in Hawaii

– REPUBLISHED May 28, 2008, revised October 2008, Revised Sept 2012, Updated Sept. 2017

(Note: Some info may not be accurate since conditions change – such is the nature of nudism across the world – the weather and erosion, changes in attitudes of the local community and prohibition or surveillance by law enforcement or public park authorities may cause significant changes to the ‘facts’ listed in the article below).

Sorry for the canned and somewhat disorganized article below but I frequently get requests about the topic of Hawaii and what ‘gay’ things there are, so I have this standard blog entry and have just kept adding more to it over the years.  It’s time now again for update on the information.

If you have more specific questions later, I’ll try to answer them. But for now, I hope this general introduction to Hawaii nude beaches and gay spots there will help.

The first part is mainly about Oahu. There is aksi specific information about The Big Island, Hawaii, and Maui at the end of this article.

Nudity and Nude Beach in Hawaii

Nude beaches, heh? Do they exist in the Hawaii islands?

Yes, but proceed with some caution because except for a couple of places (not on Oahu), nude sunbathing is considered illegal (except for a couple of long-time (and which has tacit permission for the law enforcement officers).

Warning:  Nudity on public beaches is illegal. Do not do so without taking adequate precautions to be discreet. However, there are a few places where it is tolerated (or at least overlooked) by the authorities. However, most of these are NOT located on Oahu. Nevertheless, nude sunbathing does happen on Oahu (the main island, where Honolulu and its famous, Waikiki Beach is located).


There used to be a section of Waikiki Beach called Queen’s Surf — where you guessed it – the queens gathered. But sadly it is longer active as a gay men’s meeting point (for sunbathing (clothed, of course), picnicking, and just talking.  No, it is not called Queen’s Surf because it was frequented by drag queens (LOL), but gay men used to gather there to socialize.

It’s still there as a public beach, and only a few gay men  congregate there nowadays (Aug 2017), but nothing like the masses of gay men who used to frequent this public beach. It’s found just passed the Honolulu Zoo, and is located just two hundred yards from the Waikiki Aquarium. You can find it just passed the snack shop/restroom in a grassy area lined with palm tress. However, there is absolutely no nudity on this very public part of the beach. Many people don’t even notice it and you’re likely to have families or tourist/visitors sitting near or even among the ‘guys’ on the grass lawn just across the beach side sidewalk. NOW (as of 2015 and later),  NO LONGER A GAY MEETING PLACE.

Diamond Head Beach (Lighthouse Beach)

For nudism, the closest place to Waikiki where you can go to a gay and sometimes discreetly nude beach on Oahu is at Diamond Head Beach (below the Light House).

It can be cruisy, but you need to be aware that it is part of a public beach and not everybody walking down along the shore is a guy looking for gay sex. Tourists, people walking their pets, and families sometimes walk thru and even stop to enjoy the beach too. However, it does get cruisy at times — sometimes best when the sun has started to set or after sunset. Just be discreet and cover up if somebody who looks like a cop comes thru. I have never seen a police office or been stopped myself, but I’ve “heard” that arrests have been made for public indecency. I have received a parking ticket – so don’t park where it is prohibited or after posted hours. There are places to “hide”, ledges to sunbathe nude without being seen from below and I’ve had some wild times there both in broad daylight and after dusk, especially on the forested hillside just above this beach.

How to get there..

From the east end of Waikiki, you can drive there or it is even possible to walk (20-30 minute walk across and down along Kapiolani Park) to its eastern end and then walk up about 700 yards to the drive way that goes down to Light House Beach. You can’t miss Diamond Head crater’s peak looming overhead — which can be seen from anywhere in Honolulu. If you drive, then you can follow Kalakaua east to the Zoo and then continue due east along Kapiolani Park to its end and then turn right on Diamond Head road. There is a small road down the beach — but there is limited parking there (don’t leave a car at most Diamond Head Road street parking after 10pm or as posted!!)

If driving, it is easier sometimes to go on passed the light house and then look for parking up at the look-out point(s) along Diamond Head Road (regular unmetered parking) or for roadside parking on the mountain side of Diamond Head Road. As any place in Honolulu – don’t leave valuables in your car and don’t park where people can easily sneak up and open your car — car break-ins in Honolulu  are among the highest rates in the entire country — more than New York City, by far. So you’d best take precautions.

If you’re really worried about break-ins,  then drive your rental car,  but park instead at Kapiolani Park,  or take a bus (#14) or a taxi and then walk back from the nearest bus stop to beach, or just walk all the way from Waikiki and back – which is what I usually do., besides, it’s good exercise too. The walk through Kapiolani Park either way is beautiful. On the beach side parallel with the Park and eventually leading to Waikiki proper just across from the Zoo (at the interection of Kalakaua and Kapahulu) is the extension of Waikiki Beach. There you’ll find Queen’s Surf Beach between the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium, where a lot of gays hang out – but there in NO NUDITY absolutely at such a public place.

Just as a extra side-trip, I often stop in at the men’s restroom and changing room with open stall showers at the old Natatorium (outdoor competitive swimming pool – which has now fallen in decay from lack of use). It’s open from early (6:00am ) to dusk so you can sometimes catch (cute) guys changing and showering before or after their romps in the ocean for swimming and surfing. I always like to get naked when I shower, and enjoy it even more when another guy or guys does the same.

Being Discreet and Avoiding Trouble

You should know that public (beach) nudity is illegal in Hawaii (as in most US States) — this is posted at most beaches — and there has evidently been more police patrolling of Light House beach. But I myself have never seen a police officer on the beach — although the stories / rumors keep going around. My advice is don’t be blatant — it is a public beach with families and tourists — who don’t expect to see a nude guy especially one with a hard-on or engaged in sexual activity. They are probably the ones who call the police (if they ever do come down to look for “sex perverts”.) I prefer to stay up above the beach — (but not TOO high) or the tourist at the look-out point above can see you — and have towel/swimsuit to cover up if somebody obviously NOT gay comes snooping around.

Nonetheless, I’ve had some good “looks” and quite a lot of sex in the bushes and in the coves/nooks, especially around dusk. If you aren’t interested in the cruising part, then you can just enjoy the sun and see what other guys do. They can’t arrest you for thongs or skimpy bikinis in any case.

Mokuleia (near Polo Field) on the North Shore (Oahu)

(part of a discussion Yahoo! Group Hawaii Nudist — it is not very active, but there was information about a North Shore ‘nudist’ beach – Mokuleia.)

Since there are no legal nude beaches on Oahu or its too far to go there, some guys do lie out on the north shore near the Polo Fields at Mokuleia. Others lie out at Diamond head below the lighthouse right outside Waikiki. (by Honolulust)

The beach on the North Shore (Polo Fields) is much nicer than the Diamond Head lighthouse beach. The water is clearer, cleaner and much more secluded. At the end of the public access trail, go to the right for the gay nude area. As you walk you will see a bushy wooded area.

That’s the gay area. You can situate yourself on the beach or in the little areas in the bushes. I ‘ve had some very hot sessions on that beach!

(by Musl2Pound)

I’m still not sure where that beach is – Polo Fields at Mokuleia. Is in off of Crozier Dr. (the street closest to the shore) or is it further west out Farrington Hwy? If you don’t have a car (a tourist

or visitor) would you be out of luck? I mean is it worth take a bus to Waialua and then walking?

(These question are from sunbuns99 – p.s. Nobody ever answered my questions so I still don’t know much about Mokuleia (May 2008). You can find the place and the polo fields on Google maps.)

Further out from Honolulu toward East Oahu

If you want a lot of privacy and have much more free time, then you could take a drive out H1 East — passed Hawaii Kai area and passed Hanauma Bay (which is not cruisy at all – but a wonderful short trip — you can rent snorkeling gear (closes at 4:30pm). After Hanauma Bay — there is the blow-hole and look-out points where you can sometimes catch glimpses of humpback whales (from the shore). Continuing on passed Sandy Beach,(smooth and with big green fields) you’ll come to a rather deserted rough beach — at the far eastern end — guys sometimes go nude because there are lots of bushes, low rises and make-shift rock shelters to hide your butt and balls –except from those who are eager to find. Still, it can be very hot — no water and rather isolated — so don’t stay there after dark — sometimes car doors are pried open while guys are out “sunning” themselves.

WARNING: Nowadays, the thieves don’t both to pry open the locks, they just take a big rock and smash the driver’s side window in order to get in. DO NOT LEAVE anything — visible or not, the risk of vandalism remains high.

>> What Taylor Lauter ought to look like when he cruises the beaches and gay haunts in Hawaii (joke).

I hate to sound so CAUTIOUS but people who live locally can read the signs and know what to expect, but I don’t want to give you (perhaps a tourist for the first time) a lot of over-confidence. If you live in NYC, you should already have street smarts — but they are different in every place — and Oahu has its own street culture — that’s for sure. Fortunately, it’s pretty laid back and relaxed. Hawaii has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the US — although the property crime ranks at one of the highest — especially automobile theft and (break-in) robbery.

Further out from Honolulu toward West Oahu (toward Makaha)

Most tourists don’t even bother to drive out to this part of the island because the road (Farrington Hwy eventually stop out by Makua Valley a few miles passed Makaha) Civilizations stop too – it’s pretty wild country. There are some great views along the way and also some totally deserted expanses of sandy beaches bordered by rocky coast line — but no cliffs, so it’s easy to get down to the water. I’ve bicycled out there (I used to stay in a vacation condo in Makaha a lot) along the highway and found many spots to sunbathe in the nude privately.

Local fisherman and some a few tourists might come up on you – but if you have a towel handy to cover up it’s no problem.

NOTE* BIG PROBLEM TO AVOID (automobile robbery – breaking/entering thefts)– Robbery of vehicles is a BIG problem here. So.. take everything out of the car and open the windows. If the would-be robbers (who usually drive up in a car with darkly tinted windows, see that you have nothing worth taking and you don’t even lock the car, then they figure there is nothing worth smashing the windows to try to get.

( Keep you bicycle/motorcycle in plain sight, too)

Yes, it’s kind of scary – but it is STILL worth going out there by all means – if you take simple precautions.

If you go to Yokohama Beach — just a bit after Makua Valley Military Practice Firing Range, you see a public parking lot and because there are military guards on duty (sometimes), there is less possibililty of a car robbery if you park there. From that point, you can walk / hike further north out to Kaena Point (described below).

Kaena Point: In fact, at the far northwestern tip of Oahu is an amazing natural park. Kaena Point is a federal (or state?) nature preserve on the tip of the islands perhaps thousand of acres in size. It’s amazing because here you can co-mingle with nesting albatross, a species native to Hawaii, or watch them flying over head, there are sea turtles cavorting in the rough waves, and sometimes you can get close to Hawaiian monk seals sunbathing on the long sandy beaches.

Be sure to take plenty of drinking water and sunscreen — there are hardly any places to find shade and it takes about 30 minutes to reach the park and another 30-60 to walk around (or reach the North Shore exit on the far side).

I’ve gone nude hiking there myself because it is pretty deserted (however, not completely – because you’ll encounter one or two other people with ‘nature on their minds’. There are even some old bunkers (probably left over from WWII days or prior to that) for ‘shelter’ from wind (not from the sun bearing down). The Waianae Mountain Range which you followed all along the western (leeward) coast of Oahu slopes down to a small hillside by the time it reaches this western-most point of the island.

No cars can get through to Kaena Point – but it’s possible to take a bicycle through it and then head back east and reach the North Shore (on foot)– the sand / terrain makes riding any thing but a mountain bike difficult until you reach pavement. I have been there in a few years so I can say what the conditions are on the trails coming from the Makua Valley side. You should check or ask local or local Internet sites before you go.  Likehike is a gay-friendly hiking club that meets regularly for hiking excursions to many places on the island – they should be able to provide you with up-to-date information on trails to and from Kaena Point. Of course, this mainly gay outdoor recreation group are a bunch of nature enthusiasts so they aren’t particularly intersted in nudism or nude hiking (but I’m sure there are individuals members who can give good advice and information about that once you join one of their outings/hiking – mainly scheduled on the Saturdays.

P.S. I believe it is possible to follow the Waianae Mountains ridges to reach Kaena Point – but I have never done so myself.


Gay Cruising Spots

See the local gay magazines for other “ideas” if you’re trying to cruise… (links below)

Here is a link to the latest issues of the local gay guides magazines, Odyssey and DaKine.


Odyssey can be viewed online or you can also download the pages or entire issue.


(NOTE: DaKine is a download-only PDF of the entire magazine)… so if you want to download this large file, click here to go to its home page: DaKine

Diamond Head Beach (under the Light House)

   See the description above

Old Natatorium (Waikiki Beach, just beyond the Aquarium)

The old swimming meet stadium (or Natatorium) is no longer used, except as a dressing rooms, and restrooms, showers for men and women (separate).  The men’s toilet and showers can get cruisy from time to time – although there are many locals (especially homeless individuals) who use it to get cleaned up (cold showers).

Kapiolani Park (across from the Aquarium,  mauka side)

It’s rare to find but does exist. Sometimes guys, particularly tourists, cruise among the trees at night in the park.   Be careful of police surveillance.

Max’s Gym – ALERT:   The baths (gay sauna) part of Max’s Gym has been closed since 2016.

Max’s Gym is located on the 4F of 444 Hobron Lane, approximately two blocks off of Ala Moana Blvd. Turn left (heading into Waikiki) onto Hobron Street (McD’s and ABC Store are on the corner). This is the first left after you cross the Ala Wai Canal bridge (marina is on the right side of this bridge) – just one block for the Waikiki end of Ala Moana Center. Go down Hobron Street two short blocks, and the building with Max’s is just to your left as your turn right. NOTE* The gym has two sections (not connected) – one is the gym and the other is the sauna/private rooms part. That’s where guys got to cruise. WARNING: They are very strict about bringing in alcohol, etc, therefore, NO BAGS of any kind are allowed. You should leave anything that does not fit in your pockets back at the hotel or at home. They refuse entry to backpacks, shoulder bags, and hip pouches. (August 2007)

Other spots

I love the west side of Oahu – the leeward coast — I get nude there — although I am not flashing or exposing myself (normally). There is a place(s) on the North Shore of Oahu too, but I’ve never been there to those so-called ‘nude’ beaches.

I can also recommend the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai, which do have some great gay beaches — but you can find more at the site below or check out names such Little Beach at Makena State Park (Maui), Honokohau Beach, and Kehena Black Sands beach (both on Hawaii, The Big Island) just by googling them along with nude or gay as keywords.

Here is a link to the latest issues of the local gay guides magazines, Odyssey and DaKine.


Odyssey can be viewed online or you can also download the pages or entire issue.


(NOTE: DaKine is a download-only PDF of the entire magazine)… so if you want to download this large file, click here to go to its home page: DaKine

In Odyssey, look at the ON OAHU section or the BEYOND OAHU section to see what to do and where to go — not an extensive listing since this is paid for advertising but a start.

======= Big Island and Maui 

Gay beaches in the Hawaii islands (brief version and longer versions) see both below

Hawaii – The Big Island

Honokohau-Kaloko National Park

see more information below in a longer description or elsewhere in this blog

Take Highway 19 north from Kailua-Kona. Turn left between (4-5 miles out of town) Mile Markers #97 and 98. Take the first right and then park in the north lot of Honokohau Harbor and Marina, and then walk on into the K-HNP (reserve) and take the trail to this beach, past Ai’opio Beach. Although nudity is prohibited – it’s still pretty common for gay to men to discreetly disrobe (get naked and cruise) in the area to the far right. Park rangers do patrol – but not that frequently (or maybe I’ve just been lucky).

Diving nude on the Big Island 
and other posts.


Kehena Beach   – Located in Puna on Hwy 137 at mile maker 19 in the southeastern part of the Big Island

Fine black sand distinguishes this small secluded beach on the Puna coast. It is one of the most popular beaches on The Big Island, mainly because it is ‘unofficially’ only one of two real nude beaches on the Big Island (the other being Beach 67 at Waialea described just below.)

On Hwy. #137, one mile from Kalani Eco-Resort at the Mile Marker 19 phone booth. Wear sturdy sneakers for lava rock trail to beach. Nude sunbathing (unless authorities decide to enforce anti-nudity regulations). Caution: strong currents and undertow.

Waialea Bay “Beach 67”  (sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Beach 69’)   In the northwestern part of the Big Island

Wailea Bay Marine Preserve’s two beaches are nicknamed 69 and 67. Beach 69 is the larger and is great for snorkeling and diving. Beach 67, on the north side of the bay, is smaller and frequented by naturists and gay men. On Hwy. #19 at Mile Marker 71, turn into Puako Village, then right onto old Puako Road. Access Beach 67 by taking the gravel road at telephone pole #67, onward to the bluff, then hiking down to the beach. Nude sunbathing (unless authorities decide to enforce anti-nudity regulations).

Maui (Island)

“Little Beach” at Makena


About one mile south of the Maui Prince Hotel in Makena, turn right at the second paved road to the parking lot. Walk to the beach, turn right, and hike over the promontory at the end to “Little Beach.” The far end is the gayest. Nude sunbathing is the custom (unless authorities decide to enforce anti-nudity regulations). View State Beach info.

Little Beach at Makena State Beach is definitely a mixed beach – there are clothed and unclothed, families, tourists, locals, groups of friends and gay couples and single men.

There is no restroom at Little Beach — so it’s into the woods or hike back to the Big Beach, where the is a restroom, picnic tables,  and lifeguards.

Behind the Little Beach is a wooded hillside, so there are many places to get some shade, but no other amenities.

MORE complete description of the Big Island beaches BELOW:

Kehena Black Sands Beach

There are several of ‘nude’ beaches around the Big Island – the largest and most ‘official’ (being that the nudity there is just accepted by the local authorities/police/community is the Kehena Black Sands Beach at milemarker 19 on Hwy 137 (Kalapana-Kapoho Road (Puna’s coastal road).

It’s crowded on Sundays – with all kinds of people -families, hippies, locals, gays, tourist, etc..- many engaged in ‘trance dance’ but a lot of people are picniking, partying, and just having fun. On quiet days and times, there is sometimes cruising in the far left area of the beach.

Kalani (see info at Kalani.com is a gay-friendly resort not far from Kehena – it has a clothing optional pool (after 4pm).

There are other places where people get naked / nude swimming/sunbathing:

Honokohau  (on US National park property at Kaloko-Honokohau National Reserve:


Take Highway 19 north from Kailua-Kona. Turn left between (4-5 miles out of town) Mile Markers #97 and 98. Take the first right and then park in the north lot of Honokohau Harbor and Marina, and then walk on into the K-HNP (reserve) and take the trail to this beach, past Ai’opio Beach. Although nudity is prohibited – it’s still pretty common for gay to men to discreetly disrobe (get naked and cruise) in the area to the far right. Park rangers do patrol – but not that frequently (or maybe I’ve just been lucky).

Beach 67 (sometimes mistakenly called Beach 69)

Another ‘unofficial’ nude beach can be found in South Kohala (past Waikoloa) about 30 miles north of Kona (often times one of the sunniest places on the Big Island) and between Puako and Hapuna State Beach Park and not too far from the junction on Hwy 19 that lead to Kawaiihae (left) and Waimea (right). It’s called Beach 67 (although you’ll probably here more about Beach 69 (also known as Wailea or Waialea Beach). Wailea is certainly a beautiful tree-lined stretch of beach(es) in and among a sheltered cove (partly bordered by private property). But Beach 67 (telephone pole number – NOT milemaker) is located further north and is a much small beach where clothing optional is enjoyed by all.

To reach it follow the sign to turn off of Hwy 19 toward Hapuna State Beach Park (A large parking lot with additional parking above – there are hundreds of cars)

Go passed the Hapuna entrance and continue along the rough road about 600 feet further, you see a dirt road leading up to a ridge that overlooks the north end of Wailea. Park where the other cars (there won’t be too many) and head downhill, coming through the trees to the small beach where nudity is accepted (if not encouraged. BTW, Wailea Beach (Beach 69) is the about 300 ft further passed Beach 67 – there is a longer driveway up the the entrance – usually there are a lot of cars. Note: you can also come in from the Puako side, existing Hwy 19 at Puako, and then making a right on the beach access road (mostly unpaved). So you first reach Wailea Beach (Beach 69) and then come to telephone pole 67 next – in the middle of the next rise (the entrance looks more like a dirt bike track).

Hope you enjoy getting  some ‘sun’ on your buns on your trip to Hawaii.



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