How to set up a ‘real’ live CMNM Event: Exploring ideas

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This article is a personal rumination about the pleasures and difficulties of trying to organize a live CMNM event. There are lots of problems in getting a thing like this organized – perhaps I’ve bitten more than I can chew — not to be too funny about it.

 For one thing .. CMNM is about what it says it means = clothed males / naked males – it’s just that that can mean a lot of different things too. It’s not exactly the same as flashing a total stranger – although it could be that.

While the guys involved may be strangers (or even friends/acquaintances), there is a usually mutually agreed upon enjoyment for the nude guy(s) as well as the clothed – which is not always true when flashing – the flashee gets an eyeful whether he likes it or not.

For some, it’s about dominance and subservience that matters.. so an element of hazing is desired — commanding and obeying.. but I’m not really keen to get in those type of role-playing games (BDSM) with total strangers – whom I’ll never meet again.

So how this CMNM event that can be accomplished with guys who meet in a public place for the first time will depend on who participates and where it happens. So that’s another reason why I couldn’t write the details… they are put together yet. I’m only a visitor – staying 3 days/2 nights.


We could meet the first night to plan what to do sometime the next day.

Another reason for no details is security.

Putting all the details about precise location and times and everything may get the word out

better.. but it also opens it up as a target – there ARE people who in the world who have nothing better to do than badger or humiliate men who love men. So it’s best to leave the details fuzzy on publicly visible boards – such as

So far only a couple of other guys have indicated a desire to join..- actually only two guys on this site, and a couple from elsewhere… (on this the Guys Into CMNM blog and on other sites) but also.. no one has any given any real ideas about what/when/where or how such a CMNM meetup / hookup / party can be or should be.



I don’t live in London or really know it that well.. but I have

been several times and can get around. If you do a bit of looking online, you’ll find that the address is an accommodation There is several possibilities. Since I’m already booked for a short stay there. I was thinking that our CMNM event(s) could possibly center around that location. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be naked (or see naked men) while staying in a hostel. One problem is this one is not male-only – although it depends on the room

and how many guests are staying. Also, in some hostels, local residents are not allowed to stay or sometimes the guests are not allowed to have visitors. I don’t think that’s the case.. but I’m not exactly sure. I’ve heard that the shower rooms afford some chance to some ‘accidental’ exposure.

We could do something so innocent as:

1) meet in the in-house bar/restaurant for drinks or snack,

2) come visit me in my dorm room – and then get around to getting somebody naked – either one of our ‘cmnm’ group or maybe some of the other guys staying in the room (is that unethical?) — maybe? But it could be a whole lot of fun.

 3) having a party in the room and play strip poker (or an easier kind of game where the loser has to remove a piece clothing until some (or all are naked).

4) More clever would be for several of our ‘cmnm’ group staying in the same or nearby rooms and then pretending not to know each other.. .. so we can get some going like one guy jerking off in his bunk, and then another guy (our member joining in). It would get some of the other guys (not our group) horny and they would join in the fun… Maybe a little farfetched… but you never know until you try. Outside the hostel… it’s very large and could be very crowded

5) doing some naked dares and having buddies to watch out / bring your clothes to a rendezvous point, or take photos, etc. …

6) going to a bar/club where nudity is either allowed or required

7) perhaps some one would be willing to host a small group in his apartment, office lounge after hours..etc…

8) Another idea is to have pre-selected roles for a type of simulation – visit to a doctor’s for an exam. One guys in the patient, another two play the role of physician and or specialist, there could be a male nurse who gives sponge baths.  It’s up to your imagination.


Am I losing you here? There are other roles that come to mind.. but it takes a bit of energy, a passion for realism but fantasy, and a place where that could happen. I’ve written more than I had thought. So far I’ve not heard from anyone in Greece.. so it appears that London will be the first ‘cmnm’ event that would actually get off the ground.. and that is still not determined.

Let me know what you think or how you would see it working?

If you can make any suggestions, that would be great.

Kelly  (sunbuns / sunbun99 / sunbunz)


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Living in three places (between Calif / Hawaii / Tokyo), I am serious but highly curious about the world and about people. I generally make others very comfortable being with me and with themselves, but I constantly challenge myself in many areas of life. I am a constant traveller and particularly love gay-oriented travel destinations - not only just because I am a naturist/nudist, but I love being close to nature, while enjoying most cultural and artistic pursuits. I am a scuba diver and an amateur digital photographer.
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